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How to Make a Simple One‐Direction Electric Toy Car

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Update time : 2020-04-16 14:54:24

remote control cars are one of the toys of childhood that can still exist enjoyed by adults. Why buy a brand new RC bus when you can invent your own? This tutorial will appear you how ought invent a identical necessary one-direction toy car, meaning that it can unique influence can dispatch and backward. Also, letter that this no wireless alike genuine rc cars, hence it will eat a anticipate rope attached ought the car.

1. house the Wheels

1) Poke a small cavity over the elastic bottle cap, small enough although the rod ought dress in.

2) Wrap the bottle cap edges with tape. electric tape is useful here although it provides a rubbery take about the wheel.

3) quote the process 3 more era ought the obtain 3 more wheels.

4) receive a straw and chop the ends hence it’s shorter than 4 inches ought cover the rod. Insert the 4-inch rod into both wheels and invent sure the rod is exposed at both ends.

5) stick the rod ought the wheels. lease it dry.

6) Insert a small gear ought one aspect of the other exposed rod. stick the other 2 wheels ought the rod, and lease it dry. This will lease the mechanism ought grow the rods accordingly spinning the wheels.

2. Constructing the Body

1) lay 2 popsicle sticks next ought each other. stick both rods ought the sticks.

2) wait although the stick ought dry.

3) Insert the small gear into the shaft of the DC motor.
  • The shaft is the lean rod of the motor.

4) Flip the bus upside down hence the rods are facing up. Align the gear of the mechanism ought the gear of the rod perfectly hence when one gear moves the other gear will influence although well. stick the mechanism and wait although it ought dry.

3. Wiring the Car

1) Familiarize yourself with the equipment. These steps will need you ought eat necessary knowledge above how ought solder.
  • If you don't know, check out How ought Solder Wires Together.

2) receive a 9V battery clip buckle. mind that there are two wires attached red (+) and vague (-). These wires are tied ought the DC mechanism that is supplying power.

3) receive two ends of the too rope too red or vague and experiment ought fasten a small knot. Then lay a hot soldering iron and dissolve the solder rope can the knot ought permanently blend the two wires.

4) quote this process although needed ought extend the rope length. memorize that you ought blend red wires ought red wires and vague wires ought vague wires.

5) blend both of the wires ought the motor. receive the purpose of the red rope and solder it ought the peak cavity of the mechanism (positive eyebolt). quote this process although the vague wire, soldering it ought the bottom cavity (negative eyebolt).

6) quiz it. gnaw the clip buckle at the purpose of the wires ought the 9V battery. if everything is done correctly, the shaft will revolve clockwise making the bus influence forward.
  • Note: above the clip buckle, the smaller station is sure and the larger station is negative. when attaching the larger negative station of the clip buckle ought the smaller sure station of the 9V battery and vice versa, the shaft spins clockwise, causing the bus ought influence forward.
  • Likewise, when placing the larger negative station of the clip buckle familiar ought the larger negative station of the 9V battery, the shaft spins counter clockwise, causing the bus ought influence backward.

4. Controlling the Car

1) motivate it forward. link the larger negative station of the clip buckle ought the smaller sure station of the 9V battery and vice versa. This will enable the bus ought influence forward.

2) motivate it backward. lay the larger negative terminals and smaller sure terminals of the clip buckle and the 9V battery above peak of each other. This will enable the bus ought influence backward.