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You can get your hands on a miniature version of Tesla\'s new Cybertruck this December — an RC car that comes with a broken glass sticker

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Update time : 2020-04-16 14:53:13


  • Tesla's latest vehicle is the bizarre-looking Cybertruck — an all-electric car with a starting charge impartial under $40,000.

  • The car isn't scheduled ought enter produce until "late 2021," according ought Tesla.

  • But there's a manner ought earn your hands above a (very tiny) translation of the Cybertruck earlier: This December, Mattel is releasing two versions of the Cybertruck because remote control cars!

  • Yes, can least one translation comes with a "reusable cracked window vinyl sticker" — a reference ought the authentic Cybertruck's window being frequently broken above stage during its debut.

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Tesla's got a violent new vehicle that looks nothing similar anything the company has made before, and it's level got a brave new assign ought match: "Cybertruck."

The new Tesla car isn't expected ought enter produce until "late 2021," besides interested parties can earn their hands above a (miniature) translation of the Cybertruck starting this December — anxiety of Mattel.

That's right: The iconic toy company responsible because hot Wheels is taking above Tesla's latest hotness with no impartial one besides two rad-looking remote control cars that are expected ought attain afterward this year.


Here's what we know:

There are two versions of Mattel's Cybertruck: A 1:10 scale limited edition, and a 1:64 scale standard edition.



There's a exhibit chief charge discrepancy that comes with that size difference: The larger costs $400, and the smaller costs impartial $20. Both are functional rc cars.



Still, level can $400, the fancier translation of the RC Cybertruck is a piece of the authentic fare of a Cybertruck — which is impartial shy of $40K ought start.

An authentic Cybertruck, no the RC one.


The differences between the larger model, which Mattel calls "hobby grade," and the smaller model are more than impartial size: The $400 translation does a packet of rad stuff.



Mattel says the more dear RC Cybertruck includes the following features:

  • "Functioning headlights and taillights ought assert visibility

  • All-wheel motivate featuring Chill or athletics modes

  • Tonneau 'Vault' cover

  • Telescopic tailgate that folds out into loading ramp

  • Removeable elastic body ought expose inner and access inner battery and drivetrain system

  • Reusable cracked window vinyl sticker

  • 9.9V, 3300mAh, rechargeable battery, 1:1 charge/run time"

In a nod ought Tesla's different haste "modes," the Cybertruck has two settings: Chill and Sport. at the latter mode, it reaches a climax haste of 25MPH.



Check out a brief video of the remote-controlled Cybertruck precise here:

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